Ten Minute Plays.

UMBRELLAS FOR EVERYONE  -  Dark Comedy, 3F or 2F / 1M.

In the not-too-distant future, an eager Salesperson peddles “Back to School” umbrellas to parents and children alike in the heart of a modern American shopping mall.  But with colors like “True Blue,” “Righteous Red,” and “White to Bear Arms,” these are no ordinary umbrellas.  A dark comedy about gun control.

BROKEN  -  Drama, 3M.

Mitch has an elaborate plan to propose to his girlfriend, one which involves an expensive drone that he can barely fly.  In order to program the route and make his dream proposal a reality, he enlists the help of his best friend, Ian, and his younger brother, Ez.  But when tensions between the men boil over and the drone crashes, how will Mitch proceed?  And what will be left of his plan, once he learns of Ian's secret?

THE BOTTOM LINE -  Comedy, 2F.

Chipper, cheery Diane is desperate for a job.  Mistress Lily, head of a corporate dominatrix firm, needs a worthy new employee.  But when Lily rejects her application, how far with Diane go to get the upper hand?

INVENTORYDark Comedy, 1F / 1M / 3 Either.

When Husband comes home, utterly unapologetic after a night out on the town, Wife suspects the worst.  But what does their furniture have to say about it?


Virgil is fed up with Jenny's controlling, nit-picking ways.  When he finally gets up the courage to move out, it seems that Jenny will do just about anything to stop him.

ERIKA'S KITEDrama, 1F / 1M.

On a grey and windy afternoon, the young, determined Lena sneaks into Mr. Albrecht's yard with the intent to fly her best friend's kite.  When he confronts her for trespassing, she accuses him of yet darker crimes. Tensions between them rise with the winds, and their secrets unwind as the kite string unfurls from the spool. 

FICTION - Drama, 1F / 1M.

Emmeline, a novelist of moderate success, is suffering from extreme and paralyzing writer's block.  With only days until her deadline, she reaches out to her soon-to-be ex-husband to help break the spell.  But, when Andrew doesn't play along, Emmeline becomes desperate. 

HEIRLOOM Drama, 1F / 1M.

Doug and Barb, a couple engaged for six years, are out for the evening.  Barb takes Doug to a mystery location for a big surprise, but his reaction is not exactly what she'd hoped for.   And though Doug might be very confused, Barb is finally clear.  And it's all because of a coat-rack.


Everything is perfect in Cate's world.  She has the house of her dreams. She's married to Gerald, a hard-working, if reserved man.  She has good friends and book clubs and baking circles.  She's happy.   And to top it all off, today is her birthday.  But, when her younger sister Maggie shows up, uninvited, and gives her a bizarre birthday present, Cate's carefully crafted world begins to fall apart.


When Isabel has to leave her beloved cats at home to go to a work conference for a week, her father seems to be the perfect choice to house-sit; It's a chance to get him out of the country for a change.  But, as she explains the rules of the house to him, the distance between them becomes more and more apparent.


Bonnie is elated.  She's married to a loving, wonderful man and pregnant with their first child.  After attending a baby shower, she waits at her usual bus stop, giddily looking through her baby's gifts.  But a person from her past suddenly appears and offers her a choice.


A table.  A meal.
A husband who hopes for escape.
A wife who wants to evaporate.
A kiss with consequence.