THE KEEPER & THE SCRIBE  -  Short film.

K2TOG  -  Short film

BLINK   -  Short film.

SECOND SHADOWS   -  Short film.

STAYING POSITIVE  - Web series short.

THE ROMANTICS   -  Half hour comedy.

THE WAY UP   -  Feature-length drama.

THE BUZZBOTS   -  Feature-length kids sports comedy.




#BACKDOOR   -  15-minute ensemble radio drama.

A 15-minute ensemble radiodrama.
Sound design by Dan Miele.

Link to the complete radioplay HERE.
Recorded at the Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama in Spring of 2016 with the following student cast:

     REPORTER:  John Way
     BECKY:  McKenna Slone
     ERIN:  Alex Miyashiro
     KAT:  Isabel Pask
     LEE:  Levi Jelks
     DIEGO:  Daniel Hirsch
     TAREZ:  Mora V. Harris
     MATTHEW:  Joe Necessary
     AGENT:  Siddiq Saunderson
     BARNES:  Iris Beaumier
     ANDERSON:  Jordon Bolden
     MIKE:  Nathan Salstone
     NORTON:  Clayton Barry
     JAY:  Zach Fifer
     WENSON:  Adam Stern-Rand
     WORKER:  Whitney Rowland