Full Length Plays.

WAYFINDING - Drama, 2F / 3M (or 5F / 6M)

A magical realism melancholic comedy.
Run time is approximately 90 minutes.

Jane is an emotionally-numbed new widow. Harrison is an inattentive, self-sabotaging fiancé. In seeking escape, these two strangers collide – both literally and figuratively – tangling their lifelines and setting them on a time-bending journey involving an intercontinental plane crash, a magical forest, and a choice that leads them both to an unexpected destination.

Developed at PlayPenn New Play Development Conference, 2019
Developed at Great Plains Theatre Conference, 2019
Developed at Last Frontier Theatre Conference, 2017

Semi-Finalist -
Bay Area Playwrights Festival, 2019
- Theatre503 New Play Award, 2018
Finalist - UMass New Play Lab, 2018
- Eugene O’Neill National Playwrights Conference, 2017

BIELA  -  Drama, 3F / 6M.

An historical drama in two acts.
Run time is approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes.
With doubling, can be performed with 3F / 6M.
Without doubling, can be performed with 4F / 7M / 4 Either.

BIELA is the life story of Emilie von Biela, as told through the events surrounding the discovery, celebration, and eventual disintegration of her father’s greatest astronomical triumph: Biela’s Comet. Throughout her life, Emilie struggles to form honest, meaningful relationships with those around her (in particular, her legacy-obsessed father). Their once-shared passion, astronomy, becomes a source of tension when issues of traditional gender roles and questions over the “appropriateness” of scientific study arise. Further conflicts emerge in the form of a young, brilliant French astronomer, Jean-Félix Adolphe Gambart, who hopes to claim the discovery as his own, as well as others’ predictions for the comet, which have terrifying, global consequences. Rooted in actual historical events, BIELA is a fictional play about family, legacy, and the power of love and acceptance.

BUBBLE - Drama, 4F / 4M.

An economic crisis in two acts.
Run time is approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes.
With doubling, can be performed with a minimum cast of 4F / 4M.

The mortgage crisis of the mid-2000's and the collapse of the housing market sent shock waves through the American economic landscape. The effects were felt at all levels, from skyscraper boardrooms to middle-class bedrooms. Diane, a PhD candidate specializing in socio-economics, seeks to explore this very subject. Having just begun research work on her dissertation, she intents to uncover the faces behind the housing bubble. With the help of Jamie, a friendly university tech-expert, Diane conducts various interviews, which overlap and blend with scenes from the crisis, exploring an intricately woven web of cause and effect.

TABULA RASA Drama, 3F / 3M.

A dreamy family drama in two acts.
Run time is approximately 2 hours.

The old family table suddenly appears, along with a flood of unbidden memories. TABULA RASA follows the story of Lila, a young woman who is married to the hard-working, but neglectful, Eric. In the present, Lila's father Henry is dying. As he withers away in the hospital, Lila's troubled mother begins to give away many of the family belongings. When Lila discovers the old family table in her current dining room, her mind travels back to her tumultuous childhood. These visions and memories from the past merge with her present conflicts with Eric and, after the death of her father, Lila is driven to seek solace in a mysterious neighbor nicknamed "Deuce." As the play unfolds, Lila's reality comes into question, along with her memory, her identity, and her sanity.

Winner, Certificate of Merit in Playwriting - Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, Region V

WANDERLUSTDrama / Comedy, 3F / 1M.

A globe-trotting dramedy in two acts.
Run time is approximately 2 hours.

Claire is overwhelmed. After moving back in to her childhood home to assist with her cancer-stricken mother's care, Claire is confronted by memories of the father who abandoned their family when she was young. Worse still is her mother's stubborn refusal to blame him for his betrayal. Her frustration and confusion are only complicated by the fact that her long-time boyfriend and co-worker, Lyndon, is pushing her to take the plunge. With a globe-trotting, career-changing project only one day away, Claire has much on the line: the story of a lifetime, her relationship with her mother, her future with Lyndon, the opportunity to see the world, and a chance to shake off the demons of her childhood. This article is at the heart of all of it. But, is this piece more personal than she's letting on?